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Radiation Oncology is the treatment of cancer using Radiation Therapy. There are three main careers within the field including Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Therapist, and Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist. The three professional groups all work together using the latest technology to deliver highly accurate treatment to patients with cancer, caring for them whilst they undergo treatment.

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Radiation Oncologist

A medical doctor who completes training to specialise in the management of cancer patients, specifically using radiotherapy. Radiation oncologists use cutting-edge technology and work in teams with other doctors to create and deliver radiotherapy to patients.

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Radiation Therapist

A health professional who designs, calculates (plans) and provides the radiation dose to patients and is responsible for ongoing patient care and wellbeing of the patient and their family over the length of treatment.

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RO Medical Physicist

A scientist who creates, implements and monitors the delivery of radiotherapy, taking into account the protection and safety of patients and others involved in the treatment process.

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Discover more about Radiation Therapists
Discover more about Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists

Radiation Therapist Patient Care

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