Reuben Patrick Estoesta

Radiation Therapist
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown NSW

I was inspired to take on a career in Radiation Oncology at an early age with both of my parents working in cancer services; my father working as a medical physicist and my mother working with BreastScreen Australia. At high school, the subjects I studied included chemistry, biology, advanced English, mathematics and modern history. Since leaving school, I have completed a bachelor degree in Applied Science (Medical Radiation Sciences) and am in the process of completing a postgraduate degree in Health Science (Medical Radiation Sciences).

What I enjoy most about being a Radiation Oncology professional is the use of highly technical machinery (linear accelerators for cancer treatment and 3D-based computer planning systems used in cancer treatment planning). I enjoy the quick pace at which these systems are constantly evolving as it challenges me to learn new techniques and provides a chance to work with state-of-the-art equipment. Furthermore, I enjoy the patient contact that comes with working in Radiation Oncology. I also have the opportunity to attend national and international conferences and continue my professional education.

The skills required for a career as a radiation therapist include good communication skills, critical thinking and a good eye for detail.
I recommend a career in Radiation Oncology as it offers an opportunity to not only work with state-of-the-art equipment but also the satisfaction that the job you are performing plays a vital role in a patient’s cancer journey.