Roshini Thomas

Radiation Therapist
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

I think that Radiation Oncology is a career that few people know about, and therefore they don’t get the chance to seriously consider choosing it as their career path. Radiation oncology is an exciting and continuously changing career, so I would definitely recommend it to others. Good interpersonal skills are essential to this career, and someone who enjoys interacting with others will enjoy the diversity this profession brings.

I found out about Radiation Oncology via a university course guide during high school, and was encouraged to start a career as a radiation therapist by seeking the advice of people who were working in the field. I visited a Radiation Therapy department on two separate occasions and decided that the technology, and the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team was so different to anything I’d heard of before. I also liked the idea of being able to interact with people every day, and felt like I was well-suited to the profession. I chose my high school subjects to include the pre-requisites for the radiation therapy course and included maths and physics. Since graduating from my degree, I completed my internship at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne and was then employed as a qualified radiation therapist.

I have found Radiation Oncology to be an incredibly rewarding profession, and one that offers people the chance to continuously gain perspective. I enjoy interacting with many other professions, and love the diversity that each day brings. There are always opportunities to problem-solve and learn more in this field. I feel like I am continuously developing my knowledge.

The perks of a career in Radiation Oncology are definitely the people we get to meet, and the support we have the opportunity to provide to our patients and their families. We’re continuously receive feedback that indicates the role that we have in their lives is an important one. In addition to this, emerging technology and new techniques mean that this job is always changing and that there is no chance of it becoming stagnant or boring.